Why are you so much slower than other brands?

Because we're a small atelier. Think of us like a quirky, socially inviting restaurant. You wouldn't go there and expect a swift, McDonalds, 5 minute burger turnaround. We're not McDonalds. We're not trying to be. So please, if you aren't willing to suffer through the anxiety of a slowly crafter order, do not order from us as it disrupts our operation.

Are your clothes digital or real?

They are real. We've heard this so many times and we get why (the NFT market). We design our clothes and render them digitally. Then we find the best way to produce them as accurately as possible. Only the digital option is digital.

What are the digital garments?

Digital garments are sold as FBX assets to be used in commercial content, for music videos, games, movies and much more. We only sell the commercial rights for each item once, and the @instagram_handle is shown permanenetly on our website to illustrate the current owner of a design. The design right transfer fee for each item is 20 Euros.

How are your garments made?

We are a made-to-order atelier so with every order, we grade the pattern, print it out and start manufacturing your piece specially for you. And that takes time. We are a slow fashion brand.

How long does it take until you deliver?

Since the majority of our items are made-to-order, it can take anywhere between 3 days to 4 weeks before we ship.

Why are so many of your items limited?

We use only deadstock fabric and certain kinds of fabric only come in short rolls, thus limiting our capacity to produce more items.

Where are you located?

We are originally a British company and have our roots in Shoreditch, London. Ever since Brexit happened, we relocated our atelier to Iasi, Romania so we can deliver to the majority of european countries with no import duty and a smoother shipping experience.

How do you create a garment from digital design?

We combine our digital designs with the expertise of our tailors and deliver items that come as close as humanly possible in terms of aesthetic and quality to the digitally presented garments.

Do the real clothes look different from the digital ones?

Yes. But we try to make the real clothes even better looking aesthetically than the digitally presented ones with advanced tailoring technique and finishing.

What are dead-stock fabrics?

Dead-stock fabrics are what remains when a designer company finishes their production as they usually order more fabric than they actually need. Instead of throwing it away, we purchase it and create our own clothes. That way you know that your GRMNT blazer would have the same quality of wool as all of the other top-tier designer brands. We only purchase from Prato which is the European mecca for designer fabrics.

How long are your delivery times?

In our experience, delivery can take anywhere between 2 - 15 working days depending on the destination country. We ship via the National Mail service. For any special shipping requests, please contact us.

How do you develop the custom sizing?

We customise everything inside of CLO3D. After you purchase a custom fitted item, you have to add your measurements via this page and based on those measurements, we create an avatar that perfectly matches your body. That makes it possible to create the pattern tailored to your needs, without ever having to pay us a visit. Using a measuring tape is required.

How can I cancel my order?

When you order from us, we automatically get charged by our service providers a percentage that is non refundable. If you decide to cancel your order, there is a 15% fee of the total order amount and there is a 24hr window when we can accept cancelations.

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